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Hydrogeology / Water Resources Management

The project group Hydrogeology & Water Resources Management is dedicated to effects of land use and climate changes on water and material balances. Another scope are river basin management problems in post-mining landscapes due to implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. We are further committed to questions and model couplings on the effects of floods on groundwater in urban areas.


Current Research Projects



Innovative composts in agroforestry systems as a combined land use measure for the prevention of nitrogen emissions
EU Life Demine Reducing the environmental impact of abandoned mines on water bodies

Completed Projects

HW GW Dresden Effects of the August 2002 flood events on valley aquifers in the Dresden area - Approaches and recommendations for action
3 ZM-GRIMEX Development of a 3-zone model for groundwater and infrastructure management after extreme flood events in urban areas
MULTISURE Development of multi-sequential precautionary strategies for urban habitats at risk of groundwater flooding

Project Group Leader

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Sommer

E-mail: tsommer@dgfz.de

Phone: +49 351 4050665


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