Qualification Work & Internships

As a non-university research institution, it is one of the principles of DGFZ e.V. to care for the education and development of young people and, as a non-profit institution, to offer the following opportunities:

Research Work Leading to a Doctorate

Young scientists are employed as doctoral or post-doctoral researchers at DGFZ e.V. in the research areas of Hydrogeology/Water Resources Management, Mining Water Management and Geophysics & Monitoring. Since 1995, 28 doctoral and post-doctoral students of DGFZ e.V. have defended their theses at various universities with very good results. In addition, research stays of foreign doctoral students are offered.

Student Qualification Work (Internship, Diploma, Bachelors/Masters Thesis)

Students from neighboring universities can write their theses or dissertations in the fields of contaminated sites, hydrology, hydrogeology, soil protection, environmental chemistry, and geophysics within the framework of our research projects. We also offer internships in these fields. If you are interested, please contact the respective project group leader of the desired subject area.

Lectures / Seminars for University Students

Individual project leaders of the Groundwater Centre give lectures on current topics from their field of work as part of lecture series. Lectures are held at the TU Dresden, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna, the BTU Cottbus, the University of Koblenz as well as the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Fields taught cover applied geosciences, hydrogeology, and hydrogeochemistry.

Voluntary Ecological Year

DGFZ e.V. is an assignment site for the Voluntary Ecological Year (FöJ) under the sponsorship of the PARITÄTISCHEN Freiwilligendienste Sachsen gGmbH.

Hydrogeology / Water Resource Management

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Sommer

E-mail: tsommer@dgfz.de

Phone: +49 351-4050-665

Mine Water Management

Dr.-Ing. habil. Felix Bilek

E-mail: fbilek@dgfz.de

Phone: +49 351-4050-674

Geophysics and Monitoring

Dr. rer. nat. Susann Berthold

E-mail: sberthold@dgfz.de

Phone: +49 351-4050-673

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