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Geophysics and Monitoring

The Working group Geophysics & Monitoring is devoting itself to the R&D fields:

  1. rock-physically and soil-physically reasoned application of geophysical measurements for the characterization, management and protection of ground water resources;

  2. development of monitoring techniques and strategies for a preferably adulteration-free groundwater monitoring and fluid sampling;

  3. development of borehole measurement techniques and interpretation algorithms for the appraisal of the representativeness of (groundwater monitoring) wells and boreholes (e.g., well evaluation and flow detection).


Completed Research Projects

Shuttle-Lab-Transfer Lab system for the controlled relaxation of water sampes under in-situ pressure
PMT-Wasser Process Based Management Tool for sustainable securing of raw water resources for the public drinking water supply on the example of waterworks Colbitz
Geophysics for horizontal wells HoriWell-Inspector: Geophysical probe for horizontal wells
ICDP Project SYNCO-Log Identification and analysis of vertical convection in ICDP boreholes using temperature and mudresistivity logs
Shuttle-Guard-System GW-Shuttle and GWMon-Station for non-adulterating groundwater monitoring
Verfälschungsfreies Probenahmesystem Non-adulterating groundwater sampling system
PEGEL Investigation of the adulterating effect of vertical convection in groundwater monitoring wells on in-situ measurements or water samples

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