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Geophysics and Monitoring

The Working group Geophysics & Monitoring is devoting itself to the R&D fields:

  1. rock-physically and soil-physically reasoned application of geophysical measurements for the characterization, management and protection of ground water resources;

  2. development of monitoring techniques and strategies for a preferably adulteration-free groundwater monitoring and fluid sampling;

  3. development of borehole measurement techniques and interpretation algorithms for the appraisal of the representativeness of (groundwater monitoring) wells and boreholes (e.g., well evaluation and flow detection).


Completed Research Projects

Alkalinity reactor for seawater Pilot plant for testing various alkaline solids and mixing ratios to increase the alkalinity of seawater
Shuttle-Lab-Transfer Lab system for the controlled relaxation of water sampes under in-situ pressure
PMT-Wasser Process Based Management Tool for sustainable securing of raw water resources for the public drinking water supply on the example of waterworks Colbitz
Geophysics for horizontal wells HoriWell-Inspector: Geophysical probe for horizontal wells
ICDP Project SYNCO-Log Identification and analysis of vertical convection in ICDP boreholes using temperature and mudresistivity logs
Shuttle-Guard-System GW-Shuttle and GWMon-Station for non-adulterating groundwater monitoring
Verfälschungsfreies Probenahmesystem Non-adulterating groundwater sampling system
PEGEL Investigation of the adulterating effect of vertical convection in groundwater monitoring wells on in-situ measurements or water samples









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