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Mine Water Management

The Mine Water Management project group develops technologies for the treatment of ground and surface water influenced by mining. Development of geochemical and hydraulic safety measures or treatment technologies on a field scale is based on laboratory and pilot plant tests and the use of simulation software.


Current Research Projects


Energetic Process Optimization and Implementation of Resource Efficient Wastewater Technologies

 at municipal wastewater treatment plants

WATERMINER Spatio-temporally coordinated recirculation and reuse of mining wastewater using the example of an example of an urban mining area

Completed Research Projects

Mining and Environment in Vietnam

exemplary treatment of mine water on a laboratory and pilot plant scale

using the example of a mining site in Vietnam (Vang Danh)

ProGas Use of early warning indicators and additives to improve the performance of single-stage biogas plants biogas plants, development of control procedures for process stabilization

Project Group Leader

Dr.-Ing. habil. Felix Bilek

E-mail: fbilek@dgfz.de, fbilek@gfi-dresden.de

Phone: +49 351 4050 674


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