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Vocational Training / Post Graduate Study


The task group Vocational Training offers regularly one day to several days lasting workshops, which deal with groundwater topics, soil protection and contaminated soils (expert knowledge). It is certified according to the QM-system “Environmental Education”.


  • Applikation-oriented advanced training courses with practical part to topics of the daily engineer and consulter activity in the field of groundwater and soil
  • Education resp. further education of authorised experts in soil protection/ contaminated soils according to §18 BBodSchG and §36 GewO analogical to the subject matter according to BBodSchV
  • Workshops
    e.g. ecoprofit-methods workshop
    KORA-Status- resp. final seminars
  • Lectures / seminars for college-students, e.g.
    Prof. Luckner:
    Migration processes in soil and groundwater at the University of natural recourses and life science Vienna
  • Organisation from meetings and congresses e.g..
    - Sächsisches Altlastenkolloquium, annually since 2001
    - Dresdner Grundwasser Forschungstage, every 2 years
    - BWK-Bundeskongress 2009


The Post Graduate Study in the DGFZ offers a set of applikation-oriented advanced training courses as well as the seminar series "Expert knowledge soil protection/ contaminated soils for authorised experts according to §18 BBodSchG and § 36 GewO"

As instructors are approved experts from economy, public authorities and research institutions available.

The advanced training programme addresses to employees of appropriate consulting companies as well as to employees of public authorities which announce or order adequate projects. But also for "newcomer" in the hydrogeological work our seminars shall be helpful to prepare, organise and analyse the proper projects. Not least shall be initiated a relevantly discussion between clients and (e.g. public authorities) and contractors to approach a problem solving effectively.

The topics of the particular seminars are offered by regard to the suggestions of our participants.