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Dresden Groundwater Research Center

The Groundwater Research Centre Dresden (DGFZ e.V.) was founded in 1990 as a non profit organization and currently has 50 personal and 10 institutional members.


According to its policy it maintains a research branch working in the fields of:


  • Conceptual work for soil and groundwater management and protection,
  • the development of strategies and technologies for the in-situ-remediation of contaminated soil and aquifers as well as


  • the promotion and sponsoring of post graduate studies and congresses.


Junior scientists are given the possibility to work on Ph.D. (Doctoral) thesis in the framework of long term running research and developement contracts.In the field of investigation at the DGFZ are normally employed 7-10 Ph. D. students.


Since 1995, more than 20 junior scientist of the DGFZ defended their dissertations at different universities with excellent results. Several students are working annually on their work experience report and their diploma thesis in the framework of R & D projects. 


The compliance with the rules of good scientific practice is controlled by an independent representative.

Meraner Str. 10
01217 Dresden
Phon: +49 0351 / 4050670
Fax: +49 0351 / 4050679
E-Mail: info[at]dgfz.de

Internet: www.dgfz.de