Comparative sampling of groundwater

The comparative sampling of groundwater is a suitability test that is mandatory for all accredited institutions (testing laboratories and engineering offices) in the field of groundwater, provided that the aptitude test is technically correct and economically justifiable for the institution.

Participation in the comparative sampling of groundwater serves as proof of the aptitude to the client and the accreditation body. It can also serve as a basis for determining the uncertainty of sampling, as required by DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

As a competent institution, the DGFZ e.V. has been regularly offering these comparisons for the sampling of groundwater under real conditions since 2018.

Each participating institution receives an on-site appointment in Dresden (time approx. 1/2 day). When registering, the calendar week for the on-site appointment is selected. The specific day and time will be assigned to participants after the registration deadline, but suggestions will be accepted and considered if possible.





Dates 2023

  • 11. Comparative sampling week 16: 17.-21. April 2023
    Registration possible
  • 12. Comparative sampling week 35: 28. August - 01. September 2023
    Registration possible

Dates for 2024 will be announced in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Please, register online here.

Participation fees

The participation fee is 1275 € with or 1190 € without sampling plan (plus VAT). It applies to 1 to 3 persons of an institution (sampling team). Invoicing takes place after the registration deadline.



In case of deregistration, we ask for written notification. If you deregister after invoicing, we will charge you a processing or cancellation fee in accordance with our terms and conditions. Substitute participants can be named.

Special field

Comparative sampling







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